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Thank you for joining the Biim community. We’ve designed your ultrasound probe to be durable and easy to use, with no need for scheduled maintenance or calibration. If the troubleshooting guide does not solve your problem, please contact us at

Getting started

Download the Biim Quick Start Guide to get started.


See our FAQ below, or the troubleshooting guide (chapter 8) in the Biim User Guide. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ordering the Biim system

Where is the Biim system sold?

  • Biim is currently sold in the United States.


Where can I order the Biim system?

  • In the US, we currently serve hospital customers through our regional partner, AngioDynamics Inc. Please order at the AngioDynamics website.


  • You also may contact Biim directly through our Get Biim page. Our sales professionals will contact you.


The Biim probe

How close do the Biim probe and display need to be to work together?

  • As long as the user of the probe can see the display, they will be able to work together. 


Why Wi-Fi?

  • More stability, capacity and security by using Wi-Fi than by using Bluetooth.
  • You do not need a wireless Wi-Fi network to operate the probe. The probe and the display unit communicate using a point-to-point Wi-Fi connection.


How durable is the Biim probe?

  • The Biim probe has passed all industry standard drop tests.

The Biim app

App download

Compatible devices


  • Apple iPad Air 2
  • Apple iPad 5th, 6th , 7th, 8th, 9th generation
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and S4

Smart phones:

  • Apple iPhone 7+, 8+, X, Xs, Xx Max
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+ (US/Canada versions) and Galaxy S9+

How do I get app updates?

  • We publish free updates of the Biim app and probe firmware regularly through the Apple App Store and Google Play. Please connect your device to the internet regularly, to check for and get the updates


Can I use the Biim app on multiple devices?

  • Yes, the Biim app may be downloaded on multiple devices and will connect to any probe using the Wi-Fi password for that probe.

Is the Biim app compatible with image storage systems?

  • Yes. The Biim software uses the industry standard DICOM format to transfer images to hospital PACS systems.

How is information protected?

  • The Biim app is designed in compliance with FDA and HIPAA regulations.
  • Patient information on your device is encrypted and password protected with a database password you select when you start using the app.
  • We recommend that you set a personal Wi-Fi password, when connecting the Biim probe and your display for the first time.
  • Ultrasound images saved during a procedure will be stored on the display device, not in the probe.  The operating system of the display device provides several features to limit access.

Can I print my images?

  • Yes. The Biim software can send images to printers supporting the DICOM Store protocol.  Or, you may save the images on your display device and print to a local printer as you would print photos from the camera.

Your display device (tablet or phone)

How do I optimize my display device for the Biim system?

  • Set “Bluetooth” to off
  • Set the “Brightness” for the right level of the room you scan in.  If you are in a bright room, you will get a better image by setting the “Brightness” to its maximum before attempting to adjust the ultrasound gain.
  • Remove other apps from the tablet
  • Turn off all “Notifications”


What do I do if Wi-Fi isn’t working properly on the Biim?

  • Go to “Configuration”/ “Probe Settings” and switch to another Wi-Fi channel between 1 and 11; or click on “Start Wi-Fi scan” to automatically search for the best Wi-Fi channel. 



How often does the Biim probe need to be calibrated?

  • You do not need to calibrate your Biim probe.


Is there any need for maintenance?

  • No, there is no need for scheduled maintenance. 


How do I fix a problem with my Biim?

  • The Biim does not contain any user-serviceable parts. 
  • If the troubleshooting section in the Biim User Manual does not solve your problem, please contact us at


How do I keep the probe and tablet sterile? 

  • The Biim probe is not sterile or serializable. Sterile sheaths for probe and tablets are available from third party suppliers.


How do I clean and disinfect the Biim probe? 

  • Please follow the cleaning instruction in the Biim User Guide, chapter 7 Cleaning and disinfecting. 



How long is the factory warranty and what does it cover?

  • The factory warranty lasts one year from the purchase date and covers a repair/replacement, if defects are caused by component defects 


What does the 3-year Extended Warranty include?

  • This is the same as the factory warranty, extended to a total of three years.


What does the 3-year Premium Warranty include?

  • Includes the factory warranty for three years as well as a repair/replacement due to mishandling or loss. The warranty is limited to 1 probe/12 months, with a deductible amount per probe.


How do I insert the Biim battery?

Can, or should I buy multiple batteries?

  • Yes, you may buy as many as you want. We recommend having a minimum of 2 batteries so you can be charging one while using the other one in the probe.


How are they charged?

  • Battery is removed from the probe and charged in the included battery charger. 


How long can I use the probe with a single battery?

  • Batteries degrade over time.  A new, fully charged battery will typically allow 2 to 3 hours of continuous scanning or up to 6 hours when not scanning.


What is the charge time?

  • Charge time to more than 95% capacity is less than 3 hours at 25°C


What is the battery life expectancy?

  • Given normal storage & usage, the battery delivers 80% or more of its initial capacity after 300 charge/discharge cycles.


Does the battery have any overheating problems?

  • No.

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