Narvik, November 2018: The company also announced that they received ISO certification (ISO13485:2016), confirming to adhere to the quality requirements for development and production of medical devices.

Rune Nystad, CEO and founder of Biim Ultrasound AS stated, “We have achieved another important milestone in the short history of the company. The CE mark proves that we meet the strong quality requirements. Biim is providing medical personnel in the Vascular Access segments with a device of good image quality, lowest selling price that easily connects to both iOS and Android phones and tablets".

Nystad continues: "Ultrasound devices are becoming more available as competition increases, cost and selling prices are being lowered and technologies are advancing – Biim continuous to be a trend setter in the portable ultrasound space".

"With both the FDA approval and CE mark in place our company has global reach, and this is impactful to healthcare and patients. This is an exciting time for our staff, owners and medical personnel" says Nystad.