Narvik (Norway) October 27, 2017. Biim Ultrasound announced October 27th that their Biim® linear probe and Biim® software app received FDA clearance as a diagnostic ultrasound system. 

The Biim® Diagnostic Ultrasound System is intended for diagnostic ultrasound imaging for the human body. Specific clinical applications include musculoskeletal, needle guidance, pediatric, peripheral vessel and small organs.

Rune Nystad, CEO and founder of Biim Ultrasound AS stated, “This is a great milestone achievement for the company. We can start realizing our vision of making ultrasound accessible for everyone in the medical space. We have broken the code for achieving high performance and low cost. The Biim® concept is disruptive; a wireless pocket sized ultrasound product, affordable and easy to use with image display on tablets and phones”. “This achievement is made possible by experienced staff, dedicated investors and a passionate global medical advisory team. This is a significant game changer – I am proud of this team effort”, continued Nystad.

The Biim® concept is being launched December 2017.

Biim Ultrasound was founded in 2011 with the vision of making high quality, affordable point-of-care ultrasound imaging available to a broad range of trained medical professionals.  The company is committed to improving patient care and reducing healthcare costs by enabling faster and easier diagnostic ultrasound imaging. 

The company is headquartered in Norway with subsidiaries in Finland and the USA.


For more information, contact
Rune Nystad, Founder/ CEO Biim Ultrasound, /+ 47 91 62 46 83