The biim system has not received CE marking for sale or use in Europe


Scan your patient and review images within just a few seconds with the Biim.

Pre-settings, functional controls and intuitive software with fewer keystrokes, all allow for quick start-up and operation.

Truly pocketable

Carry, use and store the Biim easily in your pocket.

Unique patented technology allows for small robust product design.


Biim is a practical tool for all healthcare professionals who deliver point of care services.

Select the payment model that works best for you, ranging from cash purchase to leasing options. 


Choose your device, install your app – and you are scanning.

The probe connects to your Android or iOS tablet through secured WiFi connection, to let you quickly view or share DICOM formatted images and data. 

The Biim Story: Ultrasound for all

When we started up, our aim was to make ultrasound more accessible and practical in more areas of medical care. Trends in consumer electronics showed - and continue to show - that touchscreen units and apps were becoming the most familiar and standardised platforms for most users. Medical organizations began to follow.

By now it is clear that the future of medical care will be centred around broad use of tablets at the point of care. Tablets are, powerful, intuitive tools helping professionals getting their jobs done better. They allow for fast, accurate data entry and sharing, access to records and coordination with other professionals or healthcare organizations.


Designing an ultrasound tool in this context meant starting from scratch and taking the Scandinavian approach to design: lean, functional but always comfortable to use. That was the path that led us to Biim: the cordless ultrasound probe, delivering robust functionality in an easy-to-use format.

Planned launch in USA is in December 2017. 



Our technology

The Biim probe

Ultrasound is becoming an important tool for trained point of care medical personnel. The use of ultrasound improves the quality of patient care and is becoming standardized in several procedures in for instance vascular access. 

We anticipate that our initial product will be launched in the middle of 2017. Biim plans to offer an application-specific product series with accompanying software app.

The Biim software app

While cost is one obstacle for the adoption of ultrasound, complexity is another. The Biim software app is developed with this in mind - an easy to use application!

We know that pre-settings, few key strokes and safe storage and sharing of data is important for ultrasound users. These features are emphasized in the Biim software application.



The Biim app

The Biim application is planned for iPad Air 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.


Your Biim app is planned to be available on App Store and Google Play upon launch.

Areas of use

The Biim ultrasound concept is aimed for appropriately trained medical personnel and to be used as any other ultrasound device.

Ultrasound is currently widely used in medicine to visualize anatomy. The use of ultrasound may increase precision in, for instance, vascular access procedures due to visualization during procedures, giving better patient care and reduced risk of infections.