Flexible, app-based technology 

The future of healthcare is smaller, faster and more accessible.  The ready availability of standard mobile hardware such as tablets and smartphones by front line medical care providers is a revolution in medical care. Today smartphones and tablets are capable of being used for much more than just entertainment. For the medical world, this means easy, low cost access to a wider variety of decision-making tools than ever before. 


One of our design principles is to support the shift in healthcare technology to flexible platforms and broader collaboration. This is why we built our technology to support a flexible and scalable wireless app-based platform. Biim will offer feature-rich ultrasound scanning hardware and software that matches the simplicity and ease of use expected by any standard tablet users. The Biim probe connects easily with WiFi to a tablet to generate quality images.



We will offer a high quality, ultraportable, cordless and easy to use ultrasound imaging system that is affordable and attractive for medical frontline applications. This powerful combination is attractive to both established and emerging user groups, with the potential to make the ultrasound scanner the new visual stethoscope - and much more. 


Tablet-linked ultrasound scanning is becoming an established practice. It will act as the foundation for a virtual medical dashboard for tablet-based devices. 


Nordic roots, cross-Atlantic presence

Biim is headquartered in Narvik, Norway, and has operations in Norway, Finland and the USA. We chose to build a company with a deep presence in both Europe and the USA, which represent the largest potential markets for our products. Our unit in Oulu, Finland is responsible for developing applications (apps) and software, while the units in Narvik, Norway, Boca Raton and Seattle, USA are responsible for hardware development, regulatory, production and distribution.



Biim is mainly owned by private investors from Norway and the U.S.A, employees as well as an institutional investor. 

As of January 2018, Biim has raised approximately $12 million in funding. This has allowed the company to complete the necessary development processes prior to seeking FDA clearance and CE mark. 



Rune Nystad


B.A. Industrial Engineering, University of Minnesota. Former manager at Boston Scientific, involved in multiple successful start-ups and over 30 product launches. Has over 17 years international business experience and has raised more than 25 million USD in venture capital, soft funding and government loans/grants.


From an idea to a company:

December 2012 – June 2013: Initial exploration of the wireless ultrasound concept

July 2013: Initial funding

September 2013: Exclusive patent rights are secured 

Creating a management team:

March 2014: Additional funding

April 2014: Rune Nystad appointed as CEO

August 2014: Brian Scovil (ex-Boston Scientific executive) appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors 

The first prototype and growth:

October 2014: EyeLife Inc. established in the USA

January 2015: EyeLife Oy established in Oulu, Finland, with software development as its main responsibility

February 2015: First wireless prototype demonstrated with an ultrasound image on a tablet

June 2015: Generation 2 prototype with the accompanying software completed

August 2015: Further patents filed

September 2015: Generation 3 prototype completed 

January 2016: Generation 4 prototype completed

Expert team joins:

July 2016: Jens U. Quistgaard is appointed Member of the Board and the Seattle product development group is established

December 2016: Generation 5 prototype completed

Name change and a new brand:

February 2017: EyeLife becomes Biim Ultrasound and the brand Biim is introduced

New hires and FDA Clearance:

June 2017: Brian Scovil appointed CTO, COO and regulatory responsible.

October 2017: Biim Ultrasound receives a 510(k) clearance from FDA for the Biim linear probe and the Biim app.

Partnership and market launch:

December 2017: Sales and distribution agreement signed with AngioDynamics Inc.

March 2018: Launch of the first product in USA

Observe Medical:

March 2022: Observe Medical completes acquisition of Biim Ultrasound.

March 2022: Rune Nystad appointed CEO of Observe Medical ASA

April 2022: Observe Medical successfully delivers Biim Ultrasound probes to all of Fresenius Kidney Care's educational centers in the USA.


Investment/ Regulatory

Rune Nystad

CEO/ Founder

+47 916 24 683


Sales USA


Jari Huhtamaki

Senior Software Engineer 

+358 407183872


Rune Nystad

CEO/ Founder

+47 916 24 683



Rune Nystad


+47 916 24 683


USA Office

Biim Ultrasound Inc

2615 Casino Rd, Ste. 1A

Everett, WA 98204


Jobs and careers

We are in an exciting moment in medtech. New developments are making it possible for ultrasound to transform how medical care is provided.
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Biim is a unique Nordic medical ultrasound technology company, with a global outlook. Our headquarters and most of our marketing team are in Narvik, in the arctic region of Norway. We develop our software in Oulu, one of Finland’s leading software development hubs. Our product development and some of our commercial team are based in Fort Lauderdale and Seattle, USA. 
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